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084 – GINI Sounds

April 29, 2010

In an attempt to make up for the past three missed posts here are four sounds from the GINI navigation device that helped us on our road trip to Gyeongju and Andong:

First is an announcement for an upcoming tunnel on the expressway, preceded by the ‘approaching hazard’ indication. (084a – Tunnel)

Second is what, over the course or the weekend, became known to us as the ‘points’ sound because of how much it likened driving to playing a video game.  Basically, it’s the sound that the GPS makes every time that you successfully pass one of the aforementioned ‘upcoming hazards.’ (084b – Points)

Third is the indication that a speed camera is coming up.  Instead of patrolling the freeways with police cars, there are these radar traps set up at intervals that clock drivers and photograph violators, who later (and probably not so hospitably) welcome a speeding ticket in their mailbox. (084c – Camera)

Finally, there’s the hourly signal.  The GPS announces every hour, which took us a few tries to realize that there wasn’t a bomb about to explode in the trunk.  Here, GINI is announcing the 8pm hour.  It’s helpful but can be unsettling when you’re driving into Seoul, trying to get back in time to return your rental car, and you realize that you’ve only gone 20km since the 7pm bell.  (084d – 8;00)

Recorded 4/25/10, 6:48-8:24PM (local time)

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