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106 – 짝짝 짝짝 짝 ‘대-한-민-국’!

June 26, 2010

It’s World Cup season, and Korea has done well so far.  We’ve made it through the group stage, so now it’s time for the 16-team tournament that will eventually crown one country king of the soccer world.  Tonight, Korea will be facing Group-A winning Uruguay, and to help cheer on the Reds, here is something that anyone who has ever spent any time in this country will instantly recognize.  Feel free to sing along!  (106 – Korea Chant)

Recorded 6/17/10, 9:35PM (local time)

*Sorry the sample is so short.  I recorded this at a bar in 강남 during the ill-fated Argentina-Korea matchup, and no one kept up the cheering for very long.  Tonight I’ll more than likely head to one of Seoul’s public viewing locations, where I should be able to record a longer and much more epic version of what I’ve dubbed ‘the Korea chant.’  Stay posted, and go Reds!!!  (U.S.A., too! )

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