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118 – SK Telecom Audio Logo

July 23, 2010

This five-note audio logo for one of Korea’s largest mobile phone carriers is easily one of the most recognizable sounds in Korea today (let alone one of the best uses of audio branding that I’ve ever come across).  The logo plays every time you call an SK-carried phone, let alone in countless advertisements in and around town.  Since I couldn’t figure out the speakerphone function on my phone, I called myself on Skype and recorded the tone through my computer speakers.  The quality isn’t the greatest, but it gets the point across.  (118 – SK Telecom Chime)

Recorded 7/23/10, 7:09PM (local time)

P.S.  I know this is kind of out of character for ‘Seoul Sounds,’ but I’ve notated the logo out in Finale for anyone who is interested.

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  1. Rob permalink
    July 30, 2010 7:16 pm

    Hi Stephen,

    After living in Seoul for so many years, I by now know that tune very well,
    but somehow never realized it was a ‘sound-logo’; an interesting observation.

    I believe the picture with the notes written out is not the same sound bite.
    It starts indeed with two quater notes, but then the rithm is punctuated:
    I hear a sixteenth together with a punctuated eighth linked with the next
    quarter. The last I’d use a short eighths followed by a long rest.


  2. July 31, 2010 11:09 pm

    Thanks for the input, Rob. You very well might be right about that. I just notated it out very quickly, so I’m not sure it’s 100% correct, haha. Anyway, thanks for reading!

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