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152 – 까치 소리 (The Cry of the Magpies)

November 5, 2010

Traditionally, the call of the Korean magpie has been believed to signify the arrival of a welcome visitor (if heard in the morning) or the oncoming of death (at night).  For me, it’s the first sound that I remember hearing on my first morning in Korea.  Maybe it was a good omen, and maybe not.  But this remains one of the most recognizable sounds (if not THE most recognizable sound) in Korea. (152 – The Cry of the Magpies)

Recorded 11/1/10, 8:46AM (local time)

*A few notes:  Sorry about all the construction noise.  I’d really wish to have a cleaner sample (and maybe I will sometime), but it’s fortunately or unfortunately quite difficult to capture these sounds while living in one of the world’s biggest cities (hence it taking 151 prior posts to finally get here).  Also, the picture above was taken long before I recorded this sound, and it obviously isn’t the same magpie or place from this sample, but it’s the best picture I have that shows you what a Korean magpie looks like.

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