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157 – 인사동 땅콩과자 (Insadong Peanut Snack), Parts 3-4

November 20, 2010

Here are two samples that I recorded along Insadong Street in Jongno Seoul, while filming for the Arirang TV ‘Today’s Blog’ Program.  This is the last two of a four-part sample set that goes through the process of making this snack:

After waiting four or five minutes from the last step in Thursday’s post, it’s time to cut the hardened peanuts and seeds into tiny little squares.  (157a – Insadong Snack 3)

Finally, the squares have to be separated from one another by shaking the cutting tray, much in the same way my mom taught me to remove ice cubes at home.  The snacks are then bagged and sold.  This is personally my favorite sample in the batch (and one of my favorite, overall) because of how happy the woman sounds to be showing me her tricks.  (157b – Insadong Snack 4)

Recorded 5/26/10, 6:59PM (local time)

*See also: 인사동 땅콩과자 (Insadong Peanut Snack), Parts 1-2

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