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181 – Window Screen Repair Truck

May 8, 2011

A service truck for selling and repairing window and door screens that was driving through my neighborhood near 사당역 (Sadang Station) in Seoul. Summer’s coming, and it’s time to make sure the mosquitos stay out.  (181 – Window Screen Repair Truck)

Recorded 5/8/11, 9:33AM (local time)

*See also: 046 – 낙성대 Fruit Truck139 – 낙성대 Fruit Truck 2, and 150 – Used Electronics Truck

P.S.  I know this is my first post in quite a long time.  Sorry for the delay – SM

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  1. Jordan Stewart permalink
    May 11, 2011 11:31 pm

    Hi Steve-
    sorry, this is off topic, but-
    a while back you posted about trying to get a China visa only to find out about the 6-months or more requirement on your ARC. Then you found out about the exemption for folk who have been to China within the past two years.

    I’m in the same predicament. My flight leaves in a week (!!), I have less than 6 months on my ARC- but I *have* traveled to China within the past two years.

    Which travel agency did got you your Visa using the two year exemption? Because I can’t find anything about it, anywhere…



    • May 12, 2011 2:15 am

      No problem, Jordan. Unless anything has changed, you should be good to get a visa. I’m sure any travel agent can do it, but you can try Fides Travel (02-755-5470). Make sure you apply ASAP, though, because from what I remember, visa processing and issuance can take up to a week. You can also check out my other blog post here:

      Hope this helps. Have a great trip!


  1. 227 – 사투리 과일 트럭 (Dialectic Fruit Truck) « Seoul Sounds / 서울 소리들

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