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194 – Royal Court Music 9: 정동방곡(Jeongdongbanggok)

July 16, 2011

Part nine of the ‘Sound of Heaven, Music of King Sejong’ concert at Gyeongbokgung Palace on May 28th.  This excerpt is an example of 정동방곡 (Jeongdongbanggok) and is played near the end of the ceremony.  In the program, it was was listed as being for the ‘Last Hearing: Listening to Sejong’s Idea on Joseon Music.’  Honestly, I’m not really sure what that means, but I think it implies that the king wrote it and that it was just played as some sort of filler piece. (194 – Jeongdongbanggok)

Recorded 5/28/11/, 5:02PM (local time)

*You can hear the rest of the concert here.

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