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206 – 판소리 (Pansori: Korean ‘Opera’)

November 17, 2011

This is a short excerpt from 이영태 (Young-tae Lee)’s  performance of the Korean Pansori 수궁가  (‘Sugungga’) at the National Theater of Korea last month.  Though it has been dubbed ‘Korean Opera’ by those in the west, pansori is like nothing else on earth.  It is an ancient storytelling artform that typically pairs one singer/storyteller on a stage with one drummer, in a performance that can sometimes last all afternoon.  As you can tell by the recording, audience participation is an important part of the performance, as spectators are welcomed to join in and urge the performers on. (206 – Pansori)

Recorded 10/29/11, 3:35PM (local time)

*For more information on Pansori, check out the sources here and here.

** Obviously, I didn’t take the picture above.  I borrowed it from another website, since it was impossible to take decent photos during the show.  It’s from a different performance, but it is the same singer.

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