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213- Seoul Drum Festival Samulnori

January 14, 2012

The final post from what was taken at the 2011 Seoul Drum Festival in Seoul Plaza.  This is a professional Korean 사물노리 (Samulnori) percussion group playing at the concert’s finale.  Samulnori gets it’s name from the four types of instruments played and was traditionally used in rice-growing villages to celebrate and ensure a good harvest.  Obviously, however, it also works pretty well on a stage.  I’ve already posted one or two other amateur samulnori groups in the earliest Seoul Sounds posts, but this ensemble is head and shoulders better than any of the other recordings I’ve put up.  Also, forgive me that this recording is quite long, but it was just too good to try to cut short.  (213 – Drum Festival Samulnori)

Recorded 9/23/11, 8:40PM (local time)

*P.S.  If you care enough, or if you’re nerd enough, have another listen to 210 – 난타 (NANTA).  I’m sure you’ll notice some of the same characteristic Korean rhythms in both recordings.

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