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222 – Early Morning Yeller

April 27, 2012

*It’s been exactly one month since my last post.  I was in Thailand for a short time but have been back for awhile now.  Sorry about that.  It was never my intention to be way for this long, but these past few weeks have gone by so quickly, that it’s hard to get a grapple on quite what’s been going on.  It’s getting late, but I figured I’d post tonight to try to get things moving back on track again. Sorry there’s no picture, but I hope you like it!

This is a recording of a man that I often hear yelling somewhere further down my street in the morning.  I can’t really be sure what he’s yelling about, but since the road is pretty narrow and he stops after the release of a pneumatic brake, my guess is that it’s to help guide a truck that’s trying to back it’s way into a parking spot. (222 – Early Morning Yeller)

Recorded 3/28/12, 10:06AM (local time)

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