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227 – 사투리 과일 트럭 (Dialectal Fruit Truck)

June 29, 2012

Another recording from last month’s trip to 강릉시 강원도 (Gangleung city, Gangwon Province).  Here is a fruit truck like the many others that I’ve posted before.  Unlike the prior recordings, however, this one is done in the local Gangwon dialect.  Have a listen and see if you can hear the difference. (227 – Dialectal Fruit Truck)

Recorded 5/28/11, 12:29PM (local time)

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226 – 대게찜솥 (Crab Steamer)

June 22, 2012

A king crab steamer doing it’s thing outside 경기해변횟집 restaurant near 경포해변 강릉시 강원도 (Gyeongpo beach, Gangleung city, Gangwon Province).  We didn’t try to eat any, but it sure sounded good. (226 – Crab Steamer)

Recorded 5/27/12, 7:58PM (local time)

225 – Children’s Taunt

June 5, 2012

Sorry for the long delay since my last post.  I’ve been very busy with work and visa preparations that it seems like I haven’t spent more than five minutes at home over the past two weeks.

But here I am again with a sound that anyone working anywhere near children in Korea will easily recognize.  It’s the typical Korean children’s taunt (comparable to the American “Na-Na-NaNa-Naaaa!”).  The boy in the recording is teasing his fellow student and calling her childish names, but the words are alterable and can be applied to nearly any situation. (225 – Children’s Taunt)

Recorded 5/22/12, 6:08PM (local time)

224 – 선릉역, “The Final Station” and KORAIL Theme

May 18, 2012

The final station music (featuring the KORAIL theme) as the subway approaches 선릉역 (Seoullung Station) on the Bundang Line.  This is nearly identical to that which is played on other KORAIL-owned lines. (224 – Bundang Final Station)

Recorded 8/25/11, 3:51PM (local time)

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223 – 검도관 (Geomdo Gym)

May 8, 2012

A 검도 (‘Geomdo,’ a modern sword martial art that is widely studied in Korea) gym near my house in 낙성대 (Nakseongdae, Seoul).  I’ve never studied Geomdo, but considering this was recorded from an open door at the gym’s entrance, I’d guess it’s pretty intense.  (223 – Geomdo Gym)

Recorded 5/3/12, 9:01PM (local time)

222 – Early Morning Yeller

April 27, 2012

*It’s been exactly one month since my last post.  I was in Thailand for a short time but have been back for awhile now.  Sorry about that.  It was never my intention to be way for this long, but these past few weeks have gone by so quickly, that it’s hard to get a grapple on quite what’s been going on.  It’s getting late, but I figured I’d post tonight to try to get things moving back on track again. Sorry there’s no picture, but I hope you like it!

This is a recording of a man that I often hear yelling somewhere further down my street in the morning.  I can’t really be sure what he’s yelling about, but since the road is pretty narrow and he stops after the release of a pneumatic brake, my guess is that it’s to help guide a truck that’s trying to back it’s way into a parking spot. (222 – Early Morning Yeller)

Recorded 3/28/12, 10:06AM (local time)

221 – “뽀로로는 파리바게뜨를 정말 좋아해” (Pororo Loves Paris Baguette)

March 27, 2012

Pororo, everyone’s favorite penguin and Korea’s “children’s president,” invites you take a picture outside the Paris Baguette near Nakseongdae station in Seoul.  Thanks, Ian, for risking embarrassment of becoming ‘that foreigner’ in Korea. (221 – Pororo Loves Paris Baguette)

Recorded 3/26/12, 10:05PM (local time)